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WESTERN FILMS: A Complete Guide

Published in 1982, this guide to Western films provides, in one volume, a critical encyclopedia of all "A" Western features shown in the United States since the advent of talkies to 1982. The guide lists films alphabetically from "Abilene Town" to "Zandy's Bride"; each listing provides credits, information, and commentary.

This definitive book was the product of ten years of research and writing. It begins with a comprehensive analysis of this uniquely American art form, including its origins, development, and future, comments on the foreign filmmakers who picked up the trend--culminating in the "Spaghetti Westerns"--and explores how the Western motif was used in "A" and "B" films for two very different audiences.

In all, the book includes over 2,000 films. The more than 100 illustrations include rare publicity photos, movie stills of famous actors, and lobby posters. The complete bibliography will be handy for the serious student of film.